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RISTOWave after wave of refreshment.

undersink water dispenser fo restaurant RISTO Zerica

Score high in terms of quality and quantity with Risto, a high throughput undersink water cooler range. Designed for continuous dispensing in high-footfall environments such as restaurants, cafeterias and schools.

Dispense fresh chilled and sparkling water with confidence. Choose the right unit to suit you, quality, performance & reliability guaranteed. 

Perfect in canteens & restaurants, Risto is the energy-efficient, plastic free solution in any high-volume catering situation.

Maximum refrigeration power for your restaurant...

…in the minimum amount of space

Risto is much more than a simple piece of catering equipment. The system is designed for heavy duty use and is so powerful that it can be used in water supply points and even in bakeries to ensure optimal conditions are maintained for products to rise.

High efficiency with high productivity designed in the most straightforward and practical way imaginable. 

Up to 660 Litres of continuous dispensing!

Refreshing enjoyable down to the last drop

Direct Chill Zerica style

High quality, high performance

Ice bank tank, cooling coil and carbonation chamber all in stainless steel.

Delivering simply unparalleled hygiene standards and freshness.

Quality rules supreme.

For the benefit of all.
restaurant water system RISTO Zerica

Superior efficiency and freshness with ultra-high hygiene standards: In a year, Risto equipped with a filtering kit dispenses up to 6,600 average 1.5L bottles of water.

A flexible and versatile system also available with a magnesium enhanced filter for the more demanding palates.

Hard working & space saving, it’s a real competitive advantage for your business.

Link System

Distance is no barrier

Refreshing water at every level

Link System puts Risto at the heart of the entire water distribution system. 

Configure to suit you and enjoy refreshing water throughout the different floors of your workspace.

Bridging the gap

The perfect system, even at a distance. Works well with up to a 6m height differential and from up to 20m away horizontally …

…and if requirements change, Risto will adapt to your needs.

The perfect system, even at a distance. Works well with up to a 6m height differential and from up to 20m away horizontally …

…and if requirements change, Risto will adapt to your needs.

Kolumna: that extra something…

Dispense in style

Add the countertop Kolumna to your under counter Risto unit for a truly stand-out solution. Plug and play installation with no drilling required, the Kolumna is the innovative face of water dispensing.

Choose the model to fit your requirements: touch-free for maximum peace of mind:  NFC-enabled for a client centred solution or Touchscreen to display personalised videos and images.

An upstanding, intelligent upgrade for any business in search of that elusive combination of functionality, efficiency & aesthetics.

restaurant water dispenser RISTO Zerica


Glass, stainless steel or aluminium? Let’s help the environment.

In Italy 16-20 million plastic cups are used every day. It’s an enormous number with an enormous negative environmental effect we all need to aim to improve. 

You too can help make a difference. It’s the little things that count like how you drink water. 

Join the community #bethechange and become part of the solution by eliminating single-use plastic: buy a Zerica reusable water bottle and start your plastic-free journey today.

The water you serve just has to be Friska!

It’s young, innovative and smart. In a word, it’s Friska.

Inspired by the Sicilian word ‘frisca’ (fresh), Friska is a new brand from Zerica aimed at encouraging everyone to reduce plastic use, choose reusable solutions and respect our precious environment.

A new ‘green’ line of products which includes this reusable bottle with a dishwasher friendly, ecologically friendly cork cap.

Change your habits and choose a planet with less plastic. Make your summer ‘cooler’, your dinner more refined and a night out more fun. All while caring for the environment and our irreplaceable seas. 

Are you Friska?

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