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KOLUMNADispensing systems get seriously smart.


A water dispensing system like no other Kolumna is part of an innovative range of easy installation, no drilling required
countertop tap-style dispensers designed, developed and manufactured in-house by Zerica.
Simply perfect, whatever the situation, Kolumna can be connected to any Zerica undersink chiller to suit your output volume & space requirements.
At home, in the office, at the gym, bar or restaurant, we have the perfect Kolumna for you.


column tap water dispenser KOLUMNA Zerica

It’s as simple as…

Easy installation, no drilling required. Just position the unit, connect to power and the water supply and you’re ready to go! Yes, it’s as simple as that.
Supremely practical at home or in the office. Create your hydration space without the drama.

A choice you can rely on

The first and only countertop tap dispenser that does not require any drilling and that’s ready to dispense before you know it.
An idea exclusive to Zerica, any counter can be used for the Kolumna countertop dispenser. Surfaces remain unblemished and can also be cleaned in their entirety at any time.
Supremely functional and a modern, elegant touch in any situation, it’s the perfect drinks solution.

The water dispensing solution that's perfect just about anywhere

Whether at home, in the office, at the gym, bar or restaurant, we have the perfect Kolumna for you.

tabletop water fountain KOLUMNA Zerica
Choose the version to suit for you

Try it with classic buttons. Practical and functional. Simply press for all the water you need.

Chilled, sparkling or ambient?

Working hard to make you feel safe

Your peace of mind is important to us
water dispenser with tap KOLUMNA Zerica
Contactless buttons

Touch-free dispensing: activate from a distance of under 15mm. Indispensable for high-tech lovers.

Mobile app

Use Zerica's convenient mobile app for a touch-
free experience and enjoy total peace of mind when filling up your glass, jug or water bottle.

Latest generation touchscreen

Take control

Manage your Kolumna using the latest generation high-definition touchscreen with full colour-display.
Easy and intuitive to use yet incredibly powerful. Modify the dispensing
temperature or the pre-set dispensing volumes for glasses & jugs, and view the status of the consumables (e.g. filter, CO2 canister).
It really is that simple.

You’re in charge
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Free-flow option or 2 pre-set volumes (glass/jug)
  • Set the temperature
  • Set the portion sizes
  • Other personalisation options available
You’re in charge

- Intuitive touchscreen interface

- Free-flow option or 2 pre-set volumes (glass/jug)

- Set the temperature

- Set the portion sizes

- Other personalisation options available


The system that adapts to your business

Kolumna is NFC enabled meaning dispensing can be activated when a compatible NFC tag is presented.
NFC tags can be keyrings, cards, or similar and can even be personalised with your logo.

Personalise the Kolumna NFC functionality to best suit your business.

Choose between 3 main options:

VIP – limit use to a small circle of users

VENDING - as convenient as a classic payment system with even more straightforward fiscal management

LOYAL stimulate loyalty in your users by charging up their virtual wallet

Auxilia for remote management

Be in control wherever you are

Exclusive online remote monitoring & management system. Manage your unit directly onscreen or remotely via any connected device (laptop, mobile etc.).

Even technical interventions carried out entirely remotely for non-intrusive, speedy and eco-friendly servicing.

All for one and one for all

Which Kolumna suits you best?

Choose your market sector and discover the possible configurations and refrigeration options to best suit you


Firmly in your comfort zone

Spacious dispensing area for anything up to 32cm in height.

Just relax: The generous dispensing area, conveniently illuminated with a LED UV light makes it easy to fill up any glass, jug, or water bottle up to 32cm tall.


Finding comfort in the details

  • Exceptionally wide drip tray
  • Magnetic and fully adaptable glass support bracket


Glass, stainless steel, aluminium? Let’s help the environment.

In Italy 16-20 million plastic cups are used every day. It’s an enormous number with an enormous negative environmental effect we all need to aim to improve. 

You too can help make a difference. It’s the little things that count like how you drink water. 

Join the community #bethechange and become part of the solution by eliminating single-use plastic: buy a Zerica reusable water bottle and start your plastic-free journey today.

Water just has to be Friska!

It’s young, innovative and smart. In a word, it’s Friska.

Inspired by the Sicilian word ‘frisca’ (fresh), Friska is a new brand from Zerica aimed at encouraging everyone to reduce plastic use, choose reusable solutions and respect our precious environment.

A new ‘green’ line of products which includes this reusable bottle with a dishwasher friendly, ecologically friendly cork cap.

Change your habits and choose a planet with less plastic. Make your summer ‘cooler’, your dinner more refined and a night out more fun. All while caring for the environment and our irreplaceable seas.

Are you Friska?

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