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FuturaDistilled technological water dispenser genius
...and smaller than you think.


Floor standing office water cooler

Ultra-compact and completely self-contained

The most complete system in the most compact form. Incredibly small and with a comprehensive range of accessories.

The Futura free standing water dispenser is just that one step ahead and perfect for offices and public spaces.

A vital yet almost silent partner always ready to refresh your working day. More eco-friendly than ever with reduced energy consumption and more stylish than ever in sleek total black.

Maximise safety and minimise contamination risk with touch-free control panel and the ultra-hygienic Silver Turbo Clean refrigeration system.

The Futura is already here.

Silver Turbo Clean

Guaranteed hygiene in a swirling vortex of freshness

No open tank, no floats, no ice bank tank to refill. The Futura uses Zerica’s exclusive Silver Turbo Clean high pressure refrigeration system.

A water vortex is generated on the internal walls whenever water is dispensed so preventing biofilm formation and bacteria proliferation.

Bacteriostatic silver seals the stainless steel cooling chamber keeping the water fresh and clean without requiring any additional cleaning.

Just pure, refreshing, hygiene-assured water.

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The Futura looks bright

Which Futura suits you?
floor standing office water dispenser FUTURA Zerica

Office and workspaces

Eco-friendly with all the accessories, the most elegant and efficient Point of Use dispenser in town.

Schools and universities

Touchless controls: drinking safely is the name of the game.

Waiting rooms

Near-silent: only 32dB thanks to fans with magnetic suspension.

As safe as it is refreshing

tower water cooler FUTURA Zerica

Each to his own. With 2 different dispensing configurations: classic buttons or touch-free controls.

Simply perfect, anytime anywhere. 
tower water cooler FUTURA Zerica

Classic buttons: for small offices

Chilled, sparkling or ambient?

We’re right on the button.

still and sparkling water dispenser FUTURA Zerica

Touch-free dispensing: The future at your fingertips.

Activate from a distance of under 15mm. Indispensable for high-tech lovers.

Shhh…enjoy the quiet

Imagine being in a park with leaves gently moving in the breeze. There you have it. That faint rustling measures 32dB: exactly what you’ll hear from the Futura.

Near-silent fans with magnetic suspension won’t disturb your moment of calm or interrupt your concentration at home, in the office or at school.

Firmly in your comfort zone

Convenient, ergonomic height positioning of dispensing point with 29cm of space for bottles

Just relax: Enjoy comfortable, ergonomic height dispensing and a generous 29cm dispensing area, conveniently illuminated with a LED light to fill up jugs, water bottles, or glasses with ease.

Make the eco-friendly choice

Save the environment, space and your wallet too

The Futura, with its internal filtering system, dispenses the equivalent of 210 large 20L bottles in 6 months– without the plastic bottle waste!

An overwhelming plus in terms of space saving, logistical effort and environmental impact. It’s even easy on the office budget. 

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Uses new R600a natural refrigerant gas with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and low GWP (Global Warming Potential)


Glass, stainless steel or aluminium? Let’s help the environment.

In Italy 16-20 million plastic cups are used every day. It’s an enormous number with an enormous negative environmental effect we all need to aim to improve. 

You too can help make a difference. It’s the little things that count like how you drink water. 

Join the community #bethechange and become part of the solution by eliminating single-use plastic: buy a Zerica reusable water bottle and start your plastic-free journey today.


We really have thought of everything
wall mounted water dispenser FUTURA Zerica

Wall mounted

Some environments need to be deep cleaned constantly. The Futura can even be wall mounted to make your job easier.

Direct drainage

Don’t worry about emptying the drip tray. The Futura can be connected directly to drainage to efficiently eliminate any excess.

Always fresh

Zerica’s exclusive Sahara Clima technology allows the Futura to operate perfectly even with external temperatures of up to 43°C.

Plastic free

No transport, no stock to store, no recycling. It’s the no fuss environmentally-friendly ultra-hygienic solution giving you refreshing, filtered water without having to purchase, transport, store and dispose of plastic bottles.

Ultra compact

Only 25cm wide by 17.5cm deep meaning you can transport an incredible 14 units per pallet compared to just 6 for more traditional units.

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