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We simply live and breathe water
Water is our element

For almost a century, innovation has been a Zerica tradition

Since 1931, Zerica have been producing water coolers and drinks dispensers providing chilled, ambient & sparkling water solutions to people worldwide.

For nearly a century the Zerilli family have led the business with determination, passion for technology, flare and drive for innovation and excellence in a heady inimitable Sicilian mix.

Today, Zerica is one of the most innovative companies in the sector. Known internationally for having a broad range of leading-edge solutions to meet a variety of needs. With a comprehensive sales network in over 30 countries and incredibly efficient technical support: now also with internet-enabled real-time remote servicing.

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In-house design and manufacturing

Water coolers and water dispensers

The entire production cycle from Research and Development (R&D) to production happens at Zerica’s headquarters in Termini Imerese, Palermo, Italy from:

  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • 3D modelling
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Quality Control (throughout the process)

Every single water cooler or water dispenser project is assigned an internal research and development team.

The objective is always the same, to bring unique solutions to the market using cutting-edge technologies, registering patents along the way.

Thoughtfully conceived, and designed with inimitable flare. Reliable, robust, simple to use products with straightforward, easy-access maintenance.

The most innovative range of coolers on the market and now also with a selection of Anti-Covid systems: Zerica really does have a solution for you, whatever your specific needs, whatever your market sector.

From sales to technical assistance

Always at our clients’ side

Zerica’s Sales Office and Customer Service teams support a vast network of distributors in over 30 countries worldwide:

  • Product purchase advice
  • Post-sales assistance
  • Marketing and communications support

From 1931 to present day

A history bathed in quality

A third-generation family business, Zerica radiates an inviting and welcoming feel, always with a keen eye on the future, on the global market and on future emerging customer needs.

Expertise, experience and innovation are our core values, lovingly transmitted from father to son and proactively nurtured in employees.

Design excellence underpins everything, and this is how the success story has been built, and why, around the world, the name Zerica is synonymous with quality, trust and technology. Here are just a few of the more important stages in this long and distinguished journey.


Our first refrigerating unit
Zerica’s first water fountain: pioneering the sector in Italy
First portable refrigeration unit for drinks launched designed by Joe Colombo
First undersink unit brought to market
The company takes the name Zerica with the objective to create ever more innovative and unique products
Zerica designs the first ever chiller unit without a cooling chamber with stagnant water. Now called Direct Chill, this system is standard worldwide
Presenting Baby, the smallest bottle-fed cooler in the world
Zerica starts to use antibacterial copper in the production of its water coolers
Zerica patents the revolutionary High Performance Direct Chill (HPDC). Water is chilled in just 3 minutes with reduced energy consumption.
The U40 is launched. The smallest undersink chiller in the world even today!
Sparkling water coolers are added. Zerica becomes a market leader in the Bar/Restaurant sector
Zerica presents the first GPLUS model, the only unit for the Bar/Restaurant sector that can be placed either countertop or undersink
EAQUA is born, the first all-in-one countertop unit that can operate either by connecting to the water mains or using an internal water tank
Celebrating 80 years, Zerica unveils BIT, a prototype using induction controls with a screen inspired by aerospace technology
FUTURA revolutionises chilled and sparkling water dispensers. The most compact freestanding, hygienic unit on the market with almost zero maintenance required.
Zerica patents Pour Fast, the ultra-fast post mix technology
BEVILA NATURA, ZERICA enters the soft drinks machine markets.
Introduces R600a eco-friendly refrigerant gas
PIC 4.0 A true revolution. The first "open source" system to remotely control any device.
FRISKA, the trademark range of ZERICA water coolers.
AUXILIA – IoT-enabled, multi-award winning, made in Zerica
Zerica's i-Wall wins two prestigious Red Dot Awards in the Smart Product and Outstanding Design categories.
Zerica wins two Red Dot Awards for the second year running in the Smart Product and Outstanding Design categories, this time with Smart-Top.
Mix&Go!, the innovative cocktail machine, ZERICA enter the alcoholic drink market.

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