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KOLUMNA PUREReady when you are.

water filter KOLUMNA PURE Zerica

Presenting Kolumna Pure, the innovative hydration system with an ultra-modern tap-style dispenser for chilled filtered water. An extremely practical, safe & hygienic way to drink refreshingly pure water.  More elegant than ever in non-scratch metal & acrylic.


Plug and play!

Easy installation, no drilling required. Just position the unit, connect to power and the water supply, make sure the filter is installed and you’re ready to go! 

Perfect for a refreshing drink any time of the day, the contemporary & elegant design means the Kolumna Pure looks good in the home as well as at the office.

Contactless dispensing!

With touch-free dispensing activated by a proximity sensor, Kolumna Pure is also perfect for offices and public spaces.


Working hard so you feel safe

Pure peace of mind

A glass of tranquillity: the technology at the heart of the Kolumna Pure uses a high-quality filter specifically designed for drinking water and conforming to standard D. lgs 31/01 D.M. 174/2004 D.M. 25/12

Plastic free

No more plastic bottles

A change for the better: Each Kolumna Pure provides the equivalent of 5,300 water bottles (1.5L) per year. That’s 5,300 fewer plastic bottles to buy, transport, store, chill and then recycle! It’s an impressive result! 

water filtration system KOLUMNA PURE Zerica

An eco-friendly choice

With Kolumna Pure it’s an easy choice to make. There’s no plastic in sight so you don’t even have to think about recycling to help save the planet.

home water softener and filtration system KOLUMNA PURE Zerica
The best way to recycle plastic is not to have any plastic in the first place



...is the watchword
Filter substitution

Change the filter in just 3 steps.
It’s as easy as that. 

View installation video


All included as standard!

Finding comfort in the details:

  • Wide drip tray
  • Magnetic and fully adaptable glass support bracket 
  • Additional accessories for assembly


Glass, stainless steel or aluminium? Let’s help the environment.

In Italy 16-20 million plastic cups are used every day. It’s an enormous number with an enormous negative environmental effect we all need to aim to improve. 

You too can help change the world. It’s the little things that count like how you drink water. 

Join the community #bethechange and become part of the solution by eliminating single-use plastic: buy a Friska water bottle from Zerica and start your plastic-free journey today.

Water just has to be Friska!

It’s young, innovative and smart. In a word, it’s Friska.

Inspired by the Sicilian word ‘frisca’ (fresh), Friska is a new brand from Zerica aimed at encouraging everyone to reduce plastic use, choose reusable solutions and respect our precious environment.

A new ‘green’ line of products which includes this reusable bottle with a dishwasher friendly, ecologically friendly cork cap.

Change your habits and choose a planet with less plastic. Make your summer ‘cooler’, your dinner more refined and a night out more fun. All while caring for the environment and our irreplaceable seas. 

Are you Friska?

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