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NaturaCountertop post-mix dispenser for water, juices and hot drinks.
We’re concentrating on the innovation.

Discover the Natura range: multi award winning drinks dispensers for water, juice, teas & coffee. Eco-friendly, energy efficient & plumbed-in, the Bag-In-Box (BIB) post-mix system gives you endless possibilities.
1931: classic looking yet brimming with high-tech
OnTop: control everything onscreen
Hot’n’Cold: we’ve got it covered, hot OR cold
Revolutionising the drinks sector one drink at a time

Drinks dispensers have never been smarter

…and more compact than ever before

Natura is the new prize-winning range of countertop dispensers water, juices and hot drinks. Elegant, compact, eco-friendly and looking at home just about anywhere. A perfect solution for self-service environments or when catering staff are in charge. A practical and stylish way to dispense drinks providing excellent service levels and requiring absolutely minimal maintenance. 

Natura Zerica

5 drinks to choose from

Natura 1931 Zerica

Chilled and sparkling water

PLUS 3 more chilled drinks

Integrated filtration system

Integrated COcanister

Setup using external device

Remote modifications*

On Top

5 drinks to choose from

Natura On Top Zerica

Chilled and sparkling water

PLUS 3 more chilled drinks

Integrated filtration system

Integrated COcanister

Setup directly on touchscreen 

Remote modifications*

On-screen adverts*


6 drinks to choose from

Natura Hot’n’Cold Zerica

Chilled and boiling water

PLUS 2 more chilled drinks

AND 2 more hot drinks

Integrated filtration system

Setup directly on touchscreen 

Remote modifications*

On-screen adverts*

* Available with subscription package. Requires internet connection (paid for by the user).


Fully patented… naturally 

Unique mixing system

Natura dispensers are thoughtfully designed to make the experience of dispensing water, juices and hot drinks as easy as possible. Pour Fast is Zerica’s patented mixing system is the first with no mixing chamber or accumulator tank guaranteeing incredibly high levels of hygiene and performance. 

Enjoy an user experience that’s in a different league compared to traditional systems that use peristaltic pumps. Deliciously refreshing to the last drop, naturally.

Natura Zerica

Drinks are dispensed at the incredible speed of 3 litres per minute: over 3 times faster than the market standard.

The high-speed dispensing system operates at 3 litres/min to quickly fill those larger jugs, carafes and bottles.

With no tanks or chambers or other elements needing periodic sanitisation, maintenance and cleaning requirements are reduced to the minimum. 

The absence of mixing chamber or accumulator tank means no biofilm or mould formation, stagnation or contamination of any sort.

Maximum hygiene levels are guaranteed. Clever design means no more sugar clots, chlorine back taste or costly, time consuming cleaning requirements.

The patented refrigeration system means the Bag-in-Boxes (BIBs) do not need to be refrigerated meaning no condensation issues inside the dispenser.

Concentrating on precision

In just a few clicks you can change drink strength or pre-set volumes. Stable and repeatable juice strength and volumes assured.

Silver Turbo Clean

A swirling vortex of freshness: maximum hygiene guaranteed

With Zerica’s exclusive Silver Turbo Clean high pressure refrigeration system, a water vortex is generated on the internal walls whenever water is dispensed so preventing biofilm and residue formation and bacteria proliferation.

Bacteriostatic silver seals the stainless steel cooling chamber for zero maintenance requirements.

Just pure, refreshing, hygiene-assured water.

guarda il video

A remarkably comprehensive drinks dispenser

The definitive answer for bars, hotels and canteens
hot and cold drinks dispenser

The Natura range has everything you need in one single dispenser: chilled and sparkling water, refreshing juices and hot drinks too. 

In a year, Natura equipped with a filtering kit dispenses the equivalent of up to 4,000 average 1L bottles of pure refreshing water – without the plastic bottle waste!

Also available with a magnesium enhanced filter for the more demanding palates.

A real competitive taste advantage for your business.


Discover the complete range of dispensers for water, juice and other chilled and hot drinks


Natura 1931 water and juice dispenser

If tradition had a flavour

The model in the range with the simplest user interface.

Classic buttons, practical and functional. Straightforward machine management with simple LED alerts when consumables need substituting.

Get a taste for changing flavours

This practical set of magnetic flavour icons is an easy way to keep on top of flavour changes and keep the customers happy too!

Remote programming

The quickest and most intuitive way to personalise the Natura 1931 is to request a device giving remote access to the product’s programming parameters

Contactless buttons

Touch-free dispensing: activate from a distance of under 15mm.

Indispensable for high-tech lovers.


Natura On Top

The digital side of Natura juice dispensing

A revolutionary countertop post-mix drinks dispenser with intuitive touchscreen. View real-time usage and status information onscreen. Manage parameters remotely and even download your own videos or enable mobile app payments. 

You’re in charge

- Intuitive touchscreen interface

- Free-flow option or 2 pre-set volumes (glass/jug)

- Set the temperature

- Set the portion sizes

- Other personalisation options available

You’re in charge

- Intuitive touchscreen interface

- Free-flow option or 2 pre-set volumes (glass/jug)

- Set the temperature

- Set the portion sizes

- Other personalisation options available


The system that adapts to your business

Natura is NFC enabled meaning dispensing can be activated when a compatible NFC tag is presented.

NFC tags can be keyrings, cards, or similar and can even be personalised with your logo.

Personalise the Natura NFC functionality to best suit your business. Choose between 3 main options:

VIP – limit use to a small circle of users

VENDING - as convenient as a classic payment system with even more straightforward fiscal management 

LOYAL stimulate loyalty in your users by charging up their virtual wallet

Remote management with Auxilia*

Be in control wherever you are

Exclusive online remote monitoring & management system. Manage your unit directly onscreen or remotely via any connected device (laptop, mobile etc.).

Even technical interventions carried out entirely remotely for non-intrusive, speedy and eco-friendly servicing.

Say it with a video*

The touchscreen can be used to view personalised videos either when the machine is dispensing or when it is in standby. The perfect way to improve your brand awareness or earn revenue by selling the advertising space to third parties. 

*Available with subscription package. Requires internet connection (paid for by the user).


Natura Hot’n’Cold

The all-weather choice

The Natura Hot’n’Cold is the prize-winning countertop post-mix drinks dispenser for hot AND cold drinks. Adapt to the weather: whether you fancy a hot drink or iced tea, iced coffee, juice or water.  Choose your winning combination with the all year round award-winning Natura Hot’n’Cold solution. 


Better in every way

Super comfort zone

The generous dispensing area, conveniently illuminated with a LED light makes it easy to fill up any jug or water bottle of up to 29cm in height. Convenient removable glass shelf for smaller glasses.

Easy access

The key-locked front panel opens for extremely easy access to consumables so BIBs can be changed at any point, filter and COcanister substitutions made and even spot checks or any cosmetic cleaning done.

Naturally good

Water, juices and other chilled drinks to suit any taste

A wide range of juices and other drinks is available, all rigorously vetted for quality and taste. Our products contain no added sugar and no colourants, just the pure excellence of natural ingredients.  Quench your thirst with thetaste of freshness and goodness, naturally.

Arancia rossa

The attention-grabbing blood orange comes exclusively from Sicilian fruit. The distinctive and inimitable flavour is all down to the unique micro-climate created by Mount Etna, the volcano on the east of the island, one of the few places where these superfruits grow.


Our oranges come from Sicilian orange groves where they peacefully grow and mature under the Mediterranean sun. Picked only when they are ripened to perfection, the precious aromas and flavours are lovingly and expertly conserved and preserved ready to release their bounty in every sip.


A classic thirst-quenching favourite. Sweet and light and the perfect natural energy boost.


Another classic taste of Mediterranean summer, velvety and smooth. Any time’s a good time.


With its distinctive, vibrant colour, this powerful antioxidant fruit is packed with naturally occurring vitamins C and E. Don’t be shy, give it a try!


One of the most well-loved fruits of all time. A delicious treat for for that ‘long summer days playing tennis’ feeling. 

Mela verde

A crisp, slightly sharper version of this enduring classic. A refreshing pick-me-up.


Smooth and light, goes down a treat at any time of day, especially given its excellent nutritional and anti-inflammatory properties.


Another powerful antioxidant fruit taking the world by storm. Satisfyingly thirst-quenching with a sharp-edged tang.


Orange/Carrot/Lemon mix (ACE in Italy) A surprising and refreshing blend of orange and carrot with a pinch of vitamins A, C, and E and a dash of lemon to get your taste buds dancing.


Invigorating, zingy, it’s just a tonic and very certainly one to wake you up!

Tropical fruit

A delicious blend of pineapple, mango, passion fruit, apricot, guava and lime that inevitably makes you think of summer sun.

From Hot to Cold in just a click

Completing the range is a vast selection of coffees, teas and other infusions. No mess, no fuss dispensing. You choose the temperature to suit you. Simply the most practical way to grab a hot or cold drink. 


Glass, stainless steel or aluminium? Let’s help the environment.

In Europe 120 million plastic cups/bottles are used every day. It’s an enormous number with an enormous negative environmental effect we all need to aim to improve. 

You too can help change the world. It’s the little things that count like how you drink water. 

Join the community #bethechange and become part of the solution. Buy a Friska water bottle and start eliminating single-use plastic today! 

Water just has to be Friska!

It’s young, innovative and smart. In a word, it’s Friska.

Inspired by the Sicilian word ‘frisca’ (fresh), Friska is a new brand from Zerica aimed at encouraging everyone to reduce plastic use, choose reusable solutions and respect our precious environment.

A new ‘green’ line of products which includes this reusable bottle with a dishwasher friendly, ecologically friendly cork cap.

Change your habits and choose a planet with less plastic. Make your summer ‘cooler’, your dinner more refined and a night out more fun. All while caring for the environment and our irreplaceable seas. 

Are you Friska?



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