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A volcanic innovation hotspot

ETNA± Vulcano di innovazione.

ETNA± is the brand new ultra-innovative modular under counter range of boiling, chilled and sparkling dispensers for both domestic
and professional use. 

A project entirely made in Sicily from concept to design & development to production. Named for the active volcano, Etna, on the east of the island where fire and ice continually come together in spectacular style. A truly Zerica-style creative break-through bringing yet another revolutionary solution
to this sector. 

The ETNA± models confidently and sustainably provide you with the hygiene-assured water you want at the temperature you want it.  

Proudly made in Sicily.

Under counter? A creative volcano

The ETNA± range brings you simply unrivalled under counter chilling and boiling capability.

Sleek and elegant in anti-scratch black skinplate, units are discreet and highly adaptable. A modular, reconfigurable system with compact dimensions, units can operate either in pairs
or stand alone. 

Etna + | Etna -

Opposites attract

From morning to night, ETNA± is with you every step of the way.

Fill up those water bottles ready for school or for going in to the office. Cook up a storm at lunch and share a cup of tea with friends or when settling down to watch something on television.

ETNA± is always there and ready for you.

How did you ever live without it?

The eco-friendly choice

Now with R600a natural refrigerant gas for even lower energy consumption.

Quality AND quantity. In a year, ETNA± equipped with a filtering kit enables you to dispense the equivalent of up to 6,500 average 1.5L bottles of refreshing water at home or 20,000 smaller 0.5L bottles in the office.  

A decisive step in further safeguarding the environment.

101 degrees and smoking hot! 

An incredible achievement and an incredible patent: the highest temperature ever achieved in a such a low pressure system. 

Too hot to handle!?!

When one patent just isn’t enough

Introducing the ETNA± patents & exclusive technologies


Ground-breaking use of Artificial Intelligence whereby heating elements are managed by microprocessor to optimise and minimise energy consumption based on actual usage. Guaranteeing the perfect relationship between performance, consumption and safety.

Natura Zerica

Eco Pulse Boiling System

Unlike the wasteful ‘always set to max’ approach of traditional solutions, the exclusive high performance, highly energy-efficient Eco Pulse Boiling System uses precise pulses of electricity to minimise and optimise total energy consumption. An innovative and reassuringly eco-friendly approach.

Zero BAR

No pressure: only 0.5 BAR of internal pressure required to reach the incredible 101°C achieved.  This is the key patent responsible for ETNA± being the first boiling water system of its type to be super safe.


Silver Turbo Clean

With Zerica’s exclusive Silver Turbo Clean high pressure refrigeration system, a water vortex is generated on the internal walls whenever water is dispensed so preventing biofilm, residue formation and bacteria proliferation.

Bacteriostatic silver seals the stainless steel cooling chamber for zero maintenance requirements.

Just pure, refreshing, hygiene-assured water.

guarda il video

Low noise


32dB is the sound of waves gently lapping at the shore on a calm day and 32dB is exactly what you’ll hear from ETNA±. That’s all.

Near-silent fans with magnetic suspension means it won’t disturb your moment of calm or interrupt your concentration at home, in the office or at school.

A choice of dispensing taps

Traditional taps...

Lots of choice and just one result: You’ll find NO residue at the bottom of the glass. There is no better proof of the water quality than that.

... or a unique Plug'n'Play alternative 

Add the countertop Kolumna with plug & play installation to your ETNA± under counter chiller to create
the ideal partnership.     

4 different dispensing configurations available: contactless buttons, touchscreen, mobile app, or NFC.

Touch-free dispensing: The future at your fingertips

Activate from a distance of under 15mm.

Indispensable for high-tech lovers.

Built-in solutions

Everything’s under control: your control

High definition latest generation touchscreen interface, with intuitive controls and clear icons, all integrated into
your work station.

The ETNA± is easy to use and thoughtfully designed to be straightforward to manage

Impressive processing power means you have endless possibilities at your fingertips: change the target temperature, fill a glass or a jug using your own chosen pre-set volumes, check the status of the consumables

 It really is that easy: easy and smart.

You’re in charge

- Intuitive user-friendly touchscreen interface

- Free-flow option or 2 pre-set volumes (glass/jug)

- Set the temperature, portion sizes and other parameters

Something extra

Upload multimedia files and access your favourite apps from the comfort of your kitchen

From Auxilia to Zerica with the internet bringing it together 

Make yourself at home

A revolutionary remote monitoring and management system using Auxilia, Zerica’s dedicated internet portal. Not only do you have unprecedented control over your machine, but expert technicians can troubleshoot remotely, modifying parameters from their office if required.


Glass, stainless steel or aluminium? Help the environment & become part of the solution.

In Italy 16-20 million plastic cups are used every day.

It’s an enormous number with an enormous negative environmental effect we all need to aim to improve. 

You too can help make a difference. It’s the little things that count like how you drink water. 

Join the community #bethechange and become part of the solution by eliminating single-use plastic: buy a Zerica reusable water bottle and start your plastic-free journey today.

Friska or Kavura?


It’s young, innovative and smart. In a word, it’s Friska.

Inspired by the Sicilian word ‘frisca’ (fresh), Friska is a new brand from Zerica aimed at encouraging everyone to reduce plastic use, choose reusable solutions and respect our precious environment.

A new ‘green’ line of products which includes this reusable bottle with a dishwasher friendly, ecologically friendly cork cap.

Now also joined by exclusive cups for hot drinks by the brand Kavura from the Sicilian word ‘cavura’ (hot).

Whether it’s Friska or Kavura, change your habits and choose a planet with less plastic. Make your summer ‘cooler’, your winter night more cosy, dinners more refined and nights out more carefree. 

Show the environment and our irreplaceable seas some love and respect



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