The Zerilli family produced their very first water cooler all the way back in 1931. To this day they still produce water coolers but given the family’s entrepreneurial spirit and obsession with research and innovation together with their constant striving to obtain the highest quality levels possible the coolers have changed a little!

HPDC® (High Performance Direct Chill), is a prime example of this. After Direct Chill cooling, a system originally developed and patented by ZERICA, became a world standard, Zerica set about developing an improved version. With HPDC® (High Performance Direct Chill) Zerica can exclusively offer its customers something truly state-of-the-art.

In response to customer demand for more customisation, a computerised production line was put in which seamlessly blends automated processing with workstations for highly qualified craftsmen. A computer archive stores all the relevant data on each individual product manufactured.

Zerica is proud to implement Total Quality Control along every step of the process from design to production, right through to the assembly and final testing of each individual unit. 

The incredibly modern production line allows almost any customisation of the metal casing to be achieved. For the end client, this means they can request custom-made designs without having to go through the expensive and laborious task of redoing individual moulds. 

After 85 years in the business, Zerica’s future sits on very solid foundations and the Zerilli family is, as ever, brimming with new projects and ideas while always remaining faithful to their philosophy: to create reliable and durable quality products.

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