100 million tonnes of plastic are produced in the world every single year. 10% of this plastic finds its way into the sea. That’s between 500 billion and 1 trillion bits of bottles which stay in the water for a length of time of between 100 and 1000 years. Of the 5 gigantic islands of plastic rubbish floating in our oceans, the biggest has a surface area similar that of Europe and grows by about a tonne every day. These eye-watering statistics are more than enough to make it obvious to anyone that the situation is completely untenable. We have to completely change our behaviour and curb our reliance on disposable plastic bottles. We are drowning in plastic and if we do not change, the damage we are doing to our environment will become irreparable. 

Mains connected water coolers such as the ones Zerica makes can make an important contribution to reducing the environmental impact of all this plastic by eliminating the need for bottled water and the pollution caused by its production, transport, storage and disposal. Zerica’s patented HPDC is still the only system in the world able to dispense chilled water in under 3 minutes from activation. In addition, it manages to do this whilst also being up to 70% more energy efficient than any conventional cooling system.

Even the cabinets of Zerica’s units are made of stainless steel making them easy to dispose of and recycle. Zerica really pays attention to environmental issues and wants the world to be a cleaner place. Choosing a Zerica cooler also means choosing a better future for our planet and for everyone on it. 

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